Chai Kaapi

We serve authentic Chai and authentic Kaapi without compromising on neither, in terms of taste nor the quality of ingredients.

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The target group or in this case, the target audiences are anyone and everyone who have the pallet for a hot glass of Chai / Kaapi.

Single Minded Proposition (Objective of the brand)

Chai Kaapi is the first brand in India that promises to serve both, the best Chai and the best Kaapi so that both the Chai lover and the Kaapi enthusiast can point in one direction for a dose of their favorite beverage.

The Visual Ownership

The chai glass is iconic to our chai/kaapi habbits here in India. Whether it is grabbing some chai/kaapi on the road, at a thela or even at your favourite ramu kaka’s chat stall, we associate the chai glass to that familiar feeling of a well deserved break.

The humble chai glass.

The familiar grip of the glass (the stripes)

Chai Kaapi
Chai glass is a chai glass is a chai glass.

The size and ease of holding it

The transparency of it (much like the metaphorical simplicity and honesty of the brand).

The eco-friendliness of a glass

The ease in handling and serving

The chai glass at Chai Kaapi (physical manifestation)

The chai glass at ChaiKaapi becomes the universal holder of the two beverages, (ie.) the chai and the kaapi. Even if a larger quantity is served to the customer, he/she drinks it in a larger glass but with the same grip, look and feel. This will not be compromised upon for anything. Even in the case of

adding a cold beverage such as an aam panna/nimbu paani, the same glass is used to serve the customer. This makes the popular glass symbolic to the brand ie. ChaiKaapi.

The great equalizer (emotional manifestation)

ChaiKaapi’s promise, to be the great equalizer is the paramount message. Both the Kaapi connoisseur and the chai champion are never at a loss. The two parties no longer need to debate where to go and what to have. At ChaiKaapi, we have both and in their full glory. The guarantee of providing both a good chai and a good kaapi is also represented in equal measure through the common holder ie. the glass. They are reassured of the one stop shop for chai and kaapi with the equal attention given to both. Even in terms of the eternal argument of which is better, both the chai lover and the kaapi connoisseur will be equally satisfied.

The Philosophy of our Brand!

The logo is a living logo. It champions the glass but with a twist. The partitions are more than just a physical representation in this holo. They come together to show what ingredients go into each chai/kaapi and how each of them are unique. The logo allows for each of the flavours served at ChaiKaapi to also have an individual identity of its own.

The minimal design and its advantages.

The minimal design of the holo is a versatile one. Not only does it help cut through the noise of other brands but also shows a much evolved form of the familiar glass. The design is accommodating of the simple truth: the product is the hero. It does not overshadow the product but instead compliments it.

1- The product takes centre stage

From most apparent examples of different culinary establishments, it is clear that the product is king. The design is not varying of that but allows exactly what ChaiKaapi has to offer to shine through. The holo is an equal invitation to both the chai and kaapi lover above all else. Ex – Vohuman’s Café in Pune, Tom and Serg, Dubai.

2- Scalability

The holo allows for immense scalability and a quick one at that. Whether it is the introduction of a new flavour or the expansion of the brand itself, the holo makes it happen seamlessly and without compromising on the identity of the brand. This will also translate on to digital media platforms. (details further in the document)

3- Flavours/Ingredients

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise

An adrak chai, an elliachi chai or a tulsi chai don’t look very different from each other in reality. This holo gives us the opportunity to give them a unique identity in the form of emblems. These emblems are of course drawn from the holo.

The colours for these emblems are drawn from the natural ingredients.

The customer will be able to champion these illustrations and they will form a huge recall value.

The base colour of kaapi and the base colour of chai will be the only constant.

Comically, this gives us the opportunity to show how a person who enjoys a cinnamon chai is not all that different from a person who likes a cinnamon kaapi.

4- Memory

A simple message has a larger recall value than a complex one. A minimal design
is just that, a simple message in a visual form.

5- Merchandise

Merchandise and packaging will borrow from the same design but not let it slide
by as boring and mundane. Specifically to packaging, the holo will seamlessly
translate to black and white.

6- Customization and personalization

Whether it is the introduction of a new chai/kaapi or even a personalized chai/kaapi to the taste of a customer, the holo does not compromise on the integrity of the brand. In the interesting event of a new chai/kaapi being introduced to celebrate a loyal customer, imagine the possibilities.

7- The macro perspective

In the larger scheme of things, almost all brands, both established ones and newer ones are moving towards a more minimal approach, simply because of how accommodating it is. By starting off with a simple logo we’re giving ChaiKaapi both a visual space as well as an allegorical one that highlights the promise of growth..

For the Love of Taste

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